Considering Selling

Considering Selling

Considering Selling your House?

Selling your house is an emotional and financial decision. Sometimes,

 it is a necessity; but, we’ll guide you through the process to make certain you 

understand the market and are kept informed of the process

What expectations in selling my home should I consider
in the hiring of a Real Estate Agent?

An agent assists you through all the aspects in the process of your property sale including pricing from a Market Analysis - one of the most important factors when placing a house on the market. A review of the Marketing Process and steps they will logically take to present the home in a concise and well developed method - creating the synergy to get showings to Agents and prospective Buyers. Finally the essential steps involved in closing the deal to everyone’s satisfaction.

You should feel a partnership with your agent and rely upon their knowledge along with their Office Staff and Broker Support. Take the time to review your unique goals and needs so there is an understanding of your life expectations while the process unfolds. Follow a well developed plan so that you and your home are perfectly ready to be in the market of homes for sale. The Agent should guide you through the entire process, keep discretion, and report to you on a determined timeline. The use of multiple websites provides for the buying audience and the entire brokerage community the opportunity to know your home is available. Excellent photos need to be presented with the listing to demonstrate the most important and appealing features. Understand why a pre-qualified buyer provides the best representation of a qualified purchase without taking your home off the market. Skillful negotiating on your behalf with your knowledge of expected responses, value of negotiating items without emotional attachment to inevitably secure the best price and a mutually accepted closing date to bring the sale to a successful conclusion. Take the time to evaluate these factors and you will be presenting your home in the best possible position for sale.

Selling a House requires knowledge of the market.

Pricing of a House for Sale is an essential factor that actually determines the time on the market and the final sale’s price of a home. There is something very important about Pricing and Preparing your House for Sale. These are both separate issues and do have some overlay in various manners, but knowing what the market will bear is the first major decision. Therefore, a conscious consideration of what the market is doing affects the final outcome.

Often it has been said that there are two types of real estate markets; “A Buyer’s Market” and a “Sellers” Market; yet, there are really two main types of markets and these are “A Market with Rising Inventory” and “A Market with Declining Inventory”. A market with increasing inventory prohibits prices from going up and that finally ends up with prices going down. A market actually starts to stabilize when the inventory is starting to be absorbed leading to a decreasing inventory.

So when the inventory begins to decrease we begin to see stabilization in the market which eventually leads to an increase of prices.

Watching the trends is essential to understand the market. An agent should be able to demonstrate the Absorption Rate of Home Sales; and, provide a current Market Analysis so you as a seller can make the best decisions about placing your home on the market.

This is one segment of a home sale. Another is “Preparing your Home for Sale” and that involves several decisions to make your home competitive not only in price but also in appearance.

What paperwork is involved in the preparation for selling a home? 

When you have selected the agent to represent you and the marketing of your home there are several forms to be completed to represent you, the marketing, the Broker aspects and most importantly documents for the potential Buyers. The Missouri Broker Disclosure Form, An Exclusive Seller Representation Agreement is the initial contract between the seller and the broker, which gives the broker and a designated agent the exclusive right to sell your property for a specific period of time (i.e., six months or a year). Terms vary by agreement, but generally include things like duties of the REALTOR®/Agent, the amount of commission (an amount for the listing agent and another for the selling agent), asking price and other selling terms. Other forms may include: Seller’s Disclosure, Lead Base Paint Document and an Electronic Communication Authorization Form just to mention a few. Review each and ask your agent to assist you in the process and the reason for each document.

How can I determine the time on the market? 

Time on the market for your home depends upon various factors and varies by location. Your agent can demonstrate an approximate market time by reviewing a Competive Market Analysis based on your specific property. Still, it is important to know that homes priced competitively, marketed aggressively on multiple websites which are local, domestic and international do sell more quickly. The buyer audience is seeking a home that meets their needs so properly stage your home to effectively showcases the best features attract more buyers. Proper pricing is essential in the beginning of your marketing. Statistically we know that if a home is properly priced; an offer should be presented within the first 15 showings. Review the details of Competitively Pricing your Home and Preparing your Home for the best presentation of staging.
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