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Technology is not going to put real estate professionals out of business. However, it will eventually put those agents without technology out of business!So what do you need?

Public computers are available for your use or you may bring your own computer and hook to our network. Knowledge of computers is not necessary but helpful.  You need to operate a local or web based e-mail software program as well as the Internet for a world of resources at your fingertips.  Training is available upon request.

Don't get uptight, if you are not up to speed with all this. You can quickly learn it by taking classes. For example, the University of Missouri-St. Louis currently offers 6 hour classes in all these software programs for as little as $119.00 (prices vary). I recommend you start out with a basic course in the latest version of Windows.

For details on UMSL's computer classes see their website at: I have personally taken courses there. You sit behind a computer and they walk you through all the procedures.

There is no excuse not to get on board with current technology.

A laptop is preferred if you are starting out. It gives you flexibility in moving from home, to office, and to the field for presentations.

You will also need a cell phone, a pager, and hopefully you can set up a fax machine in your home. That is really the basics for getting started.

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