Careers FAQs

Careers FAQs

Question: How do I know if this kind of work is for me?
Answer: That is a common question. In general, you should always find the kind of work in which you can get excited. Selling is a very emotional business. You have to believe in your product and its benefits for your clients. If you can get excited about it, usually you can sell it! Also you need a vision for where you want to go in life; and be able to see how this business vehicle is going to help take you there. You have lots of freedom and flexibility in this career. That can be either a blessing or a curse-depending on how strong you are in self-disciplining your time schedule in face of a lot of competing pulling demands placed on you by others. Go to the section: How Winners Think for a betting idea of the ideal profile of a good real estate agent.

Question: How do I know if I qualify for this work?
Answer:  The financial resources necessary to get started is estimated at around $1,400. In the financial staying power you also need some savings to meet expenses while you are in real estate school and learning and implementing your business. Thus need a capital reserve of around three months living expenses. You also need to be willing to make a strong commitment to this career as a business to see you through the ups and downs which any new business will experience.

Question: Can I try it on a part-time basis for a while to see if it is for me?
Answer: Not with our company. In the past we have worked with both part-time and full-time agents. And a few years ago our company made a business decision; we would only take full-time agents. The reason is twofold: First, we believe our customers and clients deserve a full time professional to handle their account. Secondly, this business has become so complicated that there is simply too much liability and the industry is changing too quickly to risk having part time agents.

Question: What area would I be selling in?
Answer: Coldwell Banker Premier sells houses anywhere in the St. Louis Metropolitan, Franklin County and surrounding areas. Our offices are located in Richmond Heights, South County and Washington MO. There are no assigned selling areas. You have lots of freedom and options to make your own decision. All offices are centrally located.

Question: How do I get paid?
Answer: This is a commission driven business. Meaning: when you sell a house, you/we get paid a commission. Our commissions are usually paid the same day the money arrives to us. There is no limit to the number of houses and commissions you can generate a month! Currently we are paying our real estate agents in our company an average of $4,000 per agent per month!

Question: How do I choose a real estate company?
Answer: For new agents, you should use three main criteria in selecting a real estate company: First, you need lots of training. So select an office based on the training their offer. Next, you will need support systems to help you grow your business. So make sure the office manager does not sell and compete against his or her agents. Check out the extent of the administrative staff and what they will do for you to help you grow your business. And finally, choose a company that has a strong national image with the type of advertising to maintain the BRAND designed to maintain market share. You also want to be in an office environment where you are working with full time professional agents with lots of sales taking place daily! We are proud to say Coldwell Banker Premier is on the top for all of these.

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