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With the lowest interest rates in years . . . With attractive home prices . . . With  a great selection of homes to choose from . . . With an improving economy . . . Is this a good time to purchase a home? One of the myths of purchasing a home in todays market is that mortgages are not available . . . For those who have at least a 600 credit score for FHA  &  720 for convential  . . . loans are available. In most cases buyers will need a minimum of 31/2 - 5% down paymen... read more
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As you prepare to sell your home, you may want to devote some time to thinking about your potential buyers. With new homes listed everyday, home buyers have plenty of options. But the better you market your home, the more likely prospective buyers are to find it - and the faster you may have an offer on the table. If you have already found an agent that understands your needs as a seller, you can utilize their knowledge and resources to make your home as attractive as possible. While you may choose ... read more
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Many homeowners choose to get their properties appraised before selling a home. Having an appraisal can help sellers determine how to price their homes to avoid asking for too much or too little. Appraisers examine a variety of factors when valuing a home, including market conditions, the surrounding neighborhood and the home itself. So when it comes to increasing their chances of getting a higher appraisal, there are several small actions homeowners can take to make their homes more appealing. Clean it u... read more
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Sales Statistics in the St Louis Area for April, 2012

We are Seeing the Signs of a Come Back in the Market
Posted by on May 07, 2012 in  Sale Stats
Below are the residential sales stats for April of 2012 . . . Ave  Sales  Price . . .  $161,614 Median Sales Price . . .  $126,700 Sales Volume . . .  $313,298,472 Total Sales  . . .  1938 Ave Days on the Market . . . 104 Please note some of the numbers are still coming in so these numbers might be off slightly but it does give us a sense for what is happening in the real estate market in the greater St Louis area. We will be keeping you posted on the sales s... read more
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We are Number 1 Again

For the 3rd Straight Year . . .
Posted by on May 04, 2012 in  News Stories

Coldwell Banker Premier Group was the Number one Coldwell Banker Affiliate Compay in Missouri.
This announcement was made at the Coldwell Banker national business conference in New Orleans this past month.

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