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Is your home worth more than you think? Get an accurate CBx home value estimate

This Unique Service if offered as a service of Coldwell Banker Premier Group
Posted by Norman Polsky on September 01, 2017 in  For Sellers
Coldwell Banker recently developed a new App for their agents called CBx . . . This new features helps the client get a more accurate idea of what their home could be worth.In addition it will give  information about the demographics of the area and what communities the people in the neighborhood moved from.This program allows us to more direct the marketing to those people who are most likely to purchase the home.For more details about these features you can contact one of our agents at Coldwell Banker P... read more
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Smart Home Staging Kit

Posted by Norman Polsky on February 19, 2017 in  For Sellers
Coldwell Banker Introduces First-Ever Smart Home Staging Kit - Coldwell Banker Real Estate, LLC, the original Silicon Valley real estate start-up, today announced that it has signed a supplier agreement with Worthington Group, Ltd., to directly supply the industry's first Smart Home Staging Kit directly to sellers who list their homes with Coldwell Banker®. The Smart Home Staging Kit, available on Worthington Group's smart home staging website, allows participating sellers to enhance their homes and m... read more
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Staging Your House for Sale in the Winter

In the St Louis area we are finding homes selling at a record pace even during these wintermonths
Posted by Norman Polsky on December 28, 2016 in  For Sellers  For Those thinking of selling
Even during these cold months the real estate market continues to be hot during these cold days. The main issue for buyers today is that there are not enough homes on the market for the demand. We are seeing multiple offers on those homes that look good and those that our priced right. If you are thinking of selling your your home, now is a great time to be placing it on the market with a shortage of homes and some very good interest rates. Here are some thoughts on how to stage your home during the winter months:S... read more
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Which Home Improvements in the St Louis Area . . . .

Will Get You The Biggest Bang for The Buck
Posted by Norman Polsky on December 18, 2016 in  For Sellers
5 Top Home Improvements that Pay Back When You Want to Sell When renovating, it’s important to consider resale value. Here are five top home improvements with the highest return on investment according to Renovation Magazine, and where in the country to implement them for the biggest resale boost.  Whether you’re renovating to sell, or plan on enjoying the results for years to come, you may want to consider which upgrades will give you the greatest return in terms of resale value — which may ... read more
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Top Home Decorating Tips for 2016

Posted by Norman Polsky on April 03, 2016 in  For Sellers
See What Items are Hot for the St Louis Market - Black Stainless Steel: New kitchen appliances are an easy update, and one of the hottest new trends is black stainless steel. With a matte finish, these appliances appear just as sleek as polished stainless steel with a new and unique look that complements almost any kitchen. _____________________________________________________________________ -- Mismatched Kitchen Cabinets A new kitchen design idea is to incorporate two or more different cabinet styles. This does n... read more
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