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What Items Effect My Credit Score

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Posted by Norman Polsky on April 10, 2016 in  For Buyers
__  Credit Cards . A consumer might think, “Well, even though I have a dozen credit cards, I still pay them off on time. So my credit score must be fine.” That’s not necessarily true. Aside from paying on time, there are 5 other factors that have a major impact on a credit score:__Ratio of Balance to Limit Credit agencies check to see whether or not you are maxing out the limits on your cards, even if you pay them on time. In fact, the lower the ratio between balance and limit the better. Spe... read more
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Common Questions from Home Buyers and How I Answer Them I find that today’s home buyers are more educated than ever, largely due to vast Internet resources and other technologies. Being organized, informed, and confident are going to make buying your next property an exciting and rewarding process. I find that today’s home buyer is more educated than ever, largely due to vast Internet resources and other technologies that have put the majority of information online. In fact, many of my clients are sendi... read more
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St. Louis Jam-Packed with Ideal Neighborhoods

As Reported by St. Louis Post Dispatch
Posted by Michele Carley on July 15, 2013 in  For Buyers
 Thinking about laying down roots? Any city is bound to have a few desirable nooks and crannies, but according to these real estate professionals, St. Louis is jam-packed with ideal neighborhoods. Before you buy, see which areas these agents prefer and why. Mary Beth Benes, Coldwel Banker Gundaker When you’re in Town & Country, you feel like people are always walking around. In the last year, they’ve installed these wonderful sidewalks where you can literally get from one side of Town & Countr... read more
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The Short Version of the Short Sell

As Reported in the St. Louis Post Dispatch
Posted by Michele Carley on June 09, 2013 in  For Buyers  For Sellers
 Here are the main things to know about short sales: • If you’re a homeowner who can’t pay the mortgage, negotiating a short sale is probably better than waiting for a foreclosure. Depending on the details, your credit score will take a lesser hit, and you might be able to buy a home again a little sooner. • If you’re a homebuyer, you can get a cheaper deal on a short sale than on homes where the owner isn’t broke. But expect a long wait — often months — while the bank decides if it will take your offer. Wh... read more
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Condo Sales Rise in St. Louis; Will Home Sales Follow?

As Reported in the St. Louis Business Journal
Posted by Michele Carley on May 18, 2013 in  For Buyers
 David Creswell is a young fellow who likes life lively. “I wanted to live downtown, where there’s lots going on,” he said. So, he and his girlfriend Amy are moving into a condo just off Washington Avenue. People like Creswell provide hope in a condo market that’s been stuck in a slump for five years. Prices for single-family homes are generally rising in St. Louis, but the condo price trend is unclear. “The unit sales are strong, but the prices are still flat,” said Bob Bax, broker at Prudential Alliance ... read more
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