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Saint Louis Tech

Over the years, St. Louis, Missouri, has established its position as one of the country's up-and-coming leading tech hot spots. With a 64 percent annual growth in tech job postings, St. Louis is the 12th fastest-growing city for IT hiring in the US. 

Our real estate agents know that this makes the city an attractive locale for anyone wishing to establish or grow a career in technology. Here are a few reasons the St. Louis area will remain a popular tech hub. 

  • Missouri Has Invested in the Tech Industry
    Recognizing the benefits of becoming a tech hot spot, the state of Missouri has made smart investments in the tech industry. While other states have invested more money, Missouri has opted for wise investments that yield fantastic results. Their investment means that St. Louis has the infrastructure to support more tech-related jobs and population growth. Public grants, venture capitalist funding, and other financial resources are expected to remain available, encouraging more tech companies to set up a locale in St. Louis.
  • St. Louis Offers a More Affordable Cost of Living
    St. Louis homes for sale are affordable, making the city a popular alternative to other traditional, more expensive tech spots like San Francisco. In other tech hubs, rent can cost thousands of dollars for small housing units; this quickly prices out young tech talent who can't or won't pay for exorbitant housing costs. The low cost of living in St. Louis means that young tech talent will often have a higher quality of life and can more quickly fulfill personal goals, like purchasing a home or starting a family. Plus, there are a number of surrounding towns close to St. Louis where you can easily commute to the office when needed. Places like Maplewood, Ballwin, and Webster Groves all offer their own suburban feel to the St. Louis area.
  • There's A Lot to Enjoy in St. Louis
    The city of St. Louis has the distinction of offering low living expenses along with the benefits of a big city. Potential residents can choose from cozy neighborhoods, eclectic apartments, or condos lush with amenities and perks. There are several educational opportunities for individuals who wish to continue their education or master new skills. Community colleges, four-year colleges, universities, and nontraditional training programs are all options to help workers meet their educational needs. When you're selecting a community to call home, you don't want it to be all work and no play! Rest assured, there are plenty of things to do when you live in St. Louis. Thanks to the host of parks, rec centers, restaurants, shops, and varied options for nightlife, the city appeals to a variety of interests. 

Thanks to the affordable living costs and attractive business climate, St. Louis is poised as one of the country's hottest tech hubs. Ready to relocate to this tech-friendly city? Contact us to get started!