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Farmhouse Decor

The materials used for farmhouse decor complement a variety of aesthetic preferences, and the distressed hues and finishes add an extra special touch. The National Association of REALTORS® even reports that the farmhouse style is the most popular home trend in Missouri.

You can find farmhouse-inspired pieces at various retailers, craft markets, and secondhand shops. Here are a few ways our real estate agents encourage you to integrate farmhouse decor into your home. 

  • Embrace Antique Furniture and Pieces with Distressed Finishes
    Antique furniture frequently has years of usage and a charming distressed finish. This results in a quality, trendy piece that has years of life left in it. If you have an antique that you want to repurpose, it's possible to sand and repaint the piece so that the finish better aligns with your vision for your home's decor. You also have more control over the overall look. Or, you might remove part of the piece of furniture to create a more functional piece. Try removing drawers from an old dresser to create a piece with open storage. 
  • Reuse Old Farm Equipment
    Old farm equipment is a budget-friendly, simple addition to give your home a farmhouse vibe. You can hang old tools on the wall or incorporate them into a table centerpiece. For the exterior of your home, set up an old wheelbarrow or metal bucket to hold your favorite outside decorations, like flowers. Mason jars are an excellent option that instantly adds farmhouse style to your home while serving as functional storage.
  • Opt for Farm-Inspired Countertops
    When it's time to replace your countertops, go for durable, long-lasting materials that adhere to the farmhouse aesthetic, like butcher block or stainless steel. If you're considering adding your home to the inventory of St. Louis homes for sale, you may be apprehensive about embracing a kitchen completely styled with farmhouse selections. One option is to use more conventional counter materials in a portion of your kitchen while selecting rustic, farmhouse materials for your kitchen island or a smaller segment of your kitchen. 
  • Add an Apron Sink
    An apron sink is a functional addition to your kitchen that also enhances its appearance. Compared to a conventional sink, an apron sink juts out more and exposes the sink's front face. The design of an apron sink creates a larger, deeper area that makes it convenient to wash large pots and baking sheets. 
  • Incorporate Greenery
    Lush, green plants work well with many decor styles, but they're especially appealing in a farmhouse-inspired home. Plants like succulents, spider plants, and snake plants help your home feel more inviting and welcoming. Add plants to your living room, kitchen, or bedroom to lend a natural element to the space. 

With a few small changes, you can embrace farmhouse decor in your home. Ready to put your home on the market and impress potential buyers with your decor selections? Contact us to get started.