Careers What Is It

It's a career in Real Estate.

This is not a job; and you cannot think like an employee and be successful in this career. Employees think and act in terms of TIME. On their job, they know that if they show up, are somewhat productive, and put in their time they get to retire.


Entrepreneurs on the other hand think and act in terms of goals. Their success is not a function of time; it is a function of hitting their GOALS. They set their goals. They decide the income/outcome. And they are in charge of their life. For them a Career is a Business. They own it. They manage it. They receive all the benefits.

A Real Estate Career is not a job. It is a business. You become a licensed professional that is in control of your own inventory and business plan. A real estate professional is an independent contractor who has high goals for a high income. Many of our professionals are currently earning over $100,000 in annual income. You can achieve the very same result.

Our product is houses. We can earn a high income by either listing them and representing the seller, or we can sell them and represent the buyer, or we can do both at the same time! And you can sell homes anywhere in the St. Louis Metropolitan area.

At Coldwell Banker Premier, we have a turn-key training program designed to show you exactly what HOW to set it all up from start to end!

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Is Real Estate the right career for you?

This free assessment is just one tool that will accurately determine if Real Estate is right for you.

This assessment could take up to an hour, please allow yourself enough time to complete the test so that we may give you the most accurate results.

You're results will be returned to you within 48 hours. If you are interested in pursuing Real Estate as a career, please contact Anita at 314-433-7027 for an appointment with Cindy.

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Are you already an agent seeking to continue your real estate education?

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